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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well, here goes! I couldn't quite decide what exactly I wanted to blog about, so I'll make it about a little of whatever comes to my mind, whether that's a little or a lot. I guess I could write a little more about me, but I think that kind of got covered in the "about me" section. As I've said I'm a big Warhammer nerd, and that will probably feature a lot around here considering how much of my day I devote to painting/building/strategizing my Warhammer 40,000 army. Perhaps a bi-weekly Warhammer post is in order? What makes me so interested in it, you may be asking? I think it's probably the background. Warhammer 40,000 has an IMMENSE backstory spanning tens of thousands of years, spanning multiple races and the setting is a huge, dystopic, Orwellian fantasy where innocence and trust is replaced by paranoia and war. Everything in the game is larger than life, the battles, the robots, the explosions, even the soldiers. This game is what started the Space Marine motif. Eight-foot tall super soldiers in powered armor with artificial organs and a warrior culture I find endlessly interesting to read about. Anyway, enough about that. I'll gush more about my favorite hobby in later posts.
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More about me? Well, aside from my occasional jobs painting various small plastic/pewter/resin figures a lot of my time is spent browsing the internet, playing video games, watching movies, swearing, exercising so I don't turn into a hambeast, and taking care of my dad, who's got a lot of mobility issues currently. I'm a total gamer nerd. An aspect of my personality that's been hindered somewhat due to a busted 360 and lack of spare money for games for my ds and/or PS3. I play shooters, RPGs, MMOs, when I can find interesting ones, and action platformers. I'll occasionally I'll play RTS games but I can never seem to get the hang of resource management..
Anyway enough for now about me. Simon says the topic of the day is:
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I've been on a horror movie kick for the past couple weeks. Mostly foreign horror movies recently. I don't know what it is about Japanese/Chinese/Korean directors but they can come up with some disturbing angles for supernatural movies. A lot of American horror movies run something like "Group of young adults end up in a house that's rumored to be haunted on a dare/scary slumber party/booze-fueled excuse to expose tits and have a sex scene when all of a sudden HOLY SHIT SURPRISE KIDS the house is haunted and everyone dies except the spunky heroine and maybe the meathead (or conversely, the awkward nerdy guy) she likes and they have to go and release the trapped spirit/banish the demon/just burn the whole motherfucker down before the evil spook kills her too. Then at the end it's everything's smiles and unicorns until OHMYGAWD hint that the spirit's totally not vanquished after all, end credits." I think my propensity towards Asian horror has something to do with the directors having a lot more scary shit to work with culturally than just ghosts or demons. Yes, there are those but it's less of a crutch for the genre. For instance the other night I saw a movie anthology that had a short story about a television star who goes looking for a beauty treatment and somehow ends up getting convinced to eat dumplings made out of unborn baby fetuses. You read that right. Aborted baby cannibalism. How many American directors would have the sack to make a film about that? It's a genuinely disturbing idea and it's fascinating to watch the woman's degeneration as she's somehow cursed by eating these dumplings. That's just one example, don't even get me started on the differences between the American and original Japanese versions of "Grudge." free, travel

Anyway, I think that's quite enough for now. Like/subscribe/comment/ do your thang and I hope you guys like my new blog. More to come tomorrow!


  1. can always use more movie blogs/game blogs.
    bring the goods!

  2. Welcome aboard. I can't wait to see those Warhammer posts you gonna make. I freaking love Warhammer 40,000. :P

  3. Welcome! You have a lot of interesting ideas. I've never played warhammer but I have actually read into the lore a bit. It really is pretty cool and indepth. Some games these days lack a story at all and try to make up with game mechanics. Why can't we have both? Hope to hear more from you!

  4. A really good read, look forward to reading alot more, i'm also a fellow geek. :3

  5. Sounds interesting, you're into a lot of the stuff I'm into (especially the horror). Can't wait to hear more, keep it up! +1 following

  6. I've never been a fan of horror movies. Maybe you could change me?

  7. you're a fantastic writer, keep it up

  8. I love the back story to the 40k universe. just no one to do the tabletop with so never got into it. i heard horror wise Insidious is supposed to be retardedly scarey

  9. OMFG Dude! New best friend! I LOVE foreign asian horror films! You have to make a list of your faves!!! I really liked the orginal "the eye" and... this other one I think was called dorm.. not too sure. oh and the original 'the uninvited'. MAN so many. but yeah! I look forward to reading the stuff you have to say! +follow!

  10. I've only seen the american version of the grudge...i should check out the asian one as well!

  11. LOL I play Warhammer 40k and It's amazing!!!!!!!
    by the way great post bro!!! :)

  12. yay another blog!