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Friday, August 12, 2011

Warhammer post #1!

I thought now would be as good a time as any to put my warhammer money where my mouth is and post some pics of some of my recent work. I don't have my own digital camera yet but luckily the manager at my hobby shop is gracious enough to let me use his iPhone with it's super-sexy hi-res cam. Both of these are entries I made in my regional painting competition at my local Games Workshop. I managed to place top three with both of them. All in all even though I didn't take first I' pretty satisfied with how these guys turned out.
The Assault Squad I entered into best group/squad category. For those unfamiliar with Warhammer 40k These guys use jetpacks to get in close fast and then chop people up in hand to hand combat. I know what you're thinking and yes, those swords are in fact chainsaws and also yes, that guy's fist is huge.
Side view to highlight the hand-painted green drops. In my army the color of these things indicate which of the army's ten companies they belong to, in this case the 4th.
Other side view to show off the Chapter symbol. Basically the insignia for the whole army.
The squad sergeant. The fist is actually a huge glove that makes his punches understandably even more potent in combat. Notice the eyebrows, five o'clock shadow and you can even juuust see the graying, Mr. Fantastic-style sideburns which a lot of painters never really seem to put on their minis. This guy himself is more than likely what carried this squad to the top three in my comp. I'm very happy with it.
And last but certainly not least is the squad's special weapon trooper. His gun makes him slightly less effective in close combat than his comerades but he's incredibly good at killing any tanks that try to stop the squad. If you look he's actually carrying a heavier version of the pistol weapon the sergeant is carrying. Between them both this squad is very deadly to armor and infantry units in-game.
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This is actually a special character from an entirely different army. I picked him as my entry into best single mini because the sculpt itself is discontinued, I believe, and my friend had a spare. The base he's standing on was special made by yours truly. He's technically a bad guy, but it's a complicated deal. Those who know 40k, specifically Dark Angels lore, will understand much better.
side viewOpposite side view, showing off his sweet-ass cape lining.
Back view, more cape and the sword.
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  1. Never been a big Warhammer fan, I could never get into it. But these figures are awesome!

  2. I never got into warhammer 40k, the 50 dollar manual turned me off

  3. they look cool, i remember when my little brother was into this

  4. They look amazing, so much details, congrats !
    I still have a chaos regiment to paint but I need some motivation to do it -_-

  5. Wow, that is truly some nice work.

  6. great work! I used to collect warhammer figures too, but never managed to color them quite as nice

  7. I sucked at coloring mine in, always getting the damn colors wrong

  8. My friend has warhammer figures, I don't have the time but if I did i'd be playing this!

  9. Those look beautiful. I love warhammer.

  10. Brother and I used to do this until the early hours of the morning. Gorgeous.

  11. Really cool figures there buddy! Where do you get them at?

  12. @Andy: They're regular old, Warhammer 40,000 Assault Marines. The sarge's head is from another kit, and the single figure is a discontinued single mini blister pack.

    @murdernickel: the $50 book has tons of backstory in it, for around the same price you can get the starter set that has the abridged version with just the rules, as well as a bunch of miniatures and dice.

    @TheSeint05: I still do, hehe.

    I'm glad you like em, everyone!