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Monday, August 15, 2011

Well, I tried LoL and...

The verdict is...

I need a new computer. It's the weirdest thing, I played a game with my friend online, and he had us on a team against bots, and it played alright. I played through the tutorial, all fine. However when I try to play a game on my own, all by myself with bots my framerate drops down to literally ONE frame per second. I dare not go online for fear of dragging a team down before inevitably quitting when i can no longer figure out what is going on.

From the amount of time I could play the game reminded me a lot of Warcraft 3, only without the base building. The gameplay is team based, with two teams spawning at bases on opposite ends of the map, and are connected by straight lanes that span the map. The two teams fight to push the other back down the lane into their base and finally destroying it. This may sound simple but there's almost as much micro-management as in Warcraft, it's just centered more on your individual hero, which abilities you level up as it increases, and which items you purchase as you gather gold. Not only that, but how well your hero works as part of a team. In fact, this game just got added to the roster of the MLG pro video gaming circuit.

Like in Warcraft, each level has creeps at different places around the map, ranging from a pack of wolves, to golems, and a dragon. Defeating these creeps will give your hero gold and experience, as well as handy stat buffs that will help you as you push down your lane against the enemy heroes. Once one team pushes all the way forward and destroys the center of the other team's base, they win.

I can see how this game can get addicting. As you play you gain access to more and more ways to increase your character's stats and customize them to your playstyle. As you would expect from a pro circuit game, the fanbase is fiercely competitive, to say the least. The roster of heroes to play with is absolutely huge. With more characters and skins for those characters added regularly. All of those heroes has different stats, abilities and roles, so with teams of up to five, you can get some really unexpected teams. Especially in the upper ranks. If I had any way to, I'd definitely continue playing this game, at least until I got too frustrated with losing all the time, heh.
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Anyway, aside from that I went over to my friend's house yesterday for our favorite activities of pokemon battles and rounds of Mortal Kombat. I beat the elite four of White version. Notice how I said "beat the elite four" instead of "beat the game." I was pleasantly surprised to find that grinding out capturing and hunting down each and every of the admittedly numerous pokemon is not the only thing to look forward to after the champion is defeated. Not only that, but there are still challenging pokemon battles yet to do! The elite four's teams all get a big jump in level after you beat the main story. Not only that, but you get access to the national dex, which for some reason causes pokemon from the previous versions to start appearing, even in places you've already explored. There are still quite a few side missions and areas to explore that you can't get to until after the main story. Plus hidden away in one of those very inaccessible towns is Cynthia, the champion from Diamond and Pearl, waiting to battle you (With an infuriatingly annoying level 78 Garchomp that I still can't beat).

That son of a bitch right there (Not my game but that's him all right).
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As for Mortal Kombat, I admit I laughed my ass off when I saw they were adding Freddy Krueger to the roster. Now that I thought about it, am I the only one who thinks it's a little fucked up that they added a burned up child molester from hell to a game where you can turn your opponents into babies if you beat them hard enough?

...Just a thought.
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  1. I need a new computer as well.

  2. Lol, I really don't understand these new games. Give me an old school pokemon and i'll shut up in the back seat like any 12 year old kid. Following!

  3. This game looks sick as hell I wanna try it out

  4. LOL, man that was great. I really wanna try that game out too.

  5. LoL fails, really dont like it. Good old WC3 DotA is the best.

  6. I should reinstall Warcraft 3 and try this out. I miss that game.

  7. LOL loving pokemn :D
    btw 1 fps? o.O wo, strange!
    try buying a new nVidia :D

  8. I caught all the pokemon!(yellow pikachu version) took me like 7 years. All you get is a bloody certificate (in game) from some dude, I was livid.

  9. can you turn the graphics down all the way? that helped me with WoW a lot

  10. LoL for the win man, Hit me up if you play. BrokenDaggerz

  11. MLG Finally picked up League of Losers? That should be interesting lol good info

  12. My friends are absolutely addicted to this game. I hate it.

  13. Yeah, I need a new PC too. Maybe I'll try out DOTA 2 when I get one.